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What is a Renaissance Rep?

The term was coined by Mark Leslie and Charles Holloway in their seminal article on scaling a sales team, available here: http://signallake.com/innovation/SalesLearningCurve.pdf

In a nutshell, during the initial phase of product launch, your sales people need to focus on helping the organization grow, not just on hitting their quotas.

“The types of skills needed during this phase differ from those needed to sell more mature products. They include a facility for communicating with many parts of the organization, a tolerance of ambiguity, a deep interest in the product technology, and …must be resourceful, able to develop their own sales models and collateral materials as needed. We think of this kind of person as the “renaissance rep.” ”

As the first sales hire at analytics company Mixpanel, this summary resonates deeply with me. When I joined the company we were still figuring out how to sell to enterprises; now we’re building a scalable machine.

Along the way I’ve learned a lot about using to data to grow. I’ve helped hundreds of clients implement Mixpanel on their own websites and apps, and I’ve helped them find insights in their reports. In parallel, I’ve used data to help Mixpanel grow its own team – using Mixpanel data and plenty of external tools.

These are some of the lessons I’ve learned.

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